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Nina Ottosson

Nina Ottosson: Cat Game Hunt N' Swat

Nina Ottosson: Cat Game Hunt N' Swat

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Keep curious cats busy with the Petstages Hunt 'N Swat Treat Tumbler. The Hunt 'N Swat wobbles and rolls as cats bat and swat. The unpredictable motion keeps cats engaged.

  • tumbles & rolls: Keeps curious cats engaged by tumbling and rolling as cats bat and swat
  • easy to fill: easy twist cap opens for easy refilling
  • adjust the difficulty: The base twists to adjust the size of the treat dispensing hole to make play easier or more challenging.
  • feathery fun: Feathers engage cats' natural hunting instincts.
  • kitty friendly materials: Lead and Phthalate free

SAFETY AND CARE: ALWAYS SUPERVISE your cat closely, teach your cat how the game works. Do not leave your cat alone with a treat puzzle, do not let your cat chew on the game or pieces. Inspect for damage and remove if broken. For cats only, not a children’s toy. When empty, store until next supervised use.

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