Collection: Tukkathyme

All natural ingredients, locally sourced and made in New Zealand

What is Tukkathyme? A blend of oats, dehydrated vegetables, and fruit (seasonal), garlic, barley, kelp, green herbs, flaked rice and flaked corn.  In Tukkathyme, we have blended in lots of green leafy vegetables and herbs.  These dehydrate down to approximately 10 to 1 (therefore 1 tablespoon of dried, is approximately 10 tablespoons of fresh cut greens).  All you have to do is scoop out the required amount of Tukkathyme, mix it with hot water and add it to the meat. We have tried to keep every aspect of feeding as simple as possible for today’s busy people who want to keep their dogs as close to nature as they can by using a variety of natural seasonal ingredients.

This formula has been trialed over many years with huge success.  Begin with a healthy inside, for to just treat the outside, is to just treat the symptom. 

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