Collection: Itchy & Scratchy

Many pets (particularly dogs) have a problem with itchy, scratchy or inflamed skin. This is sometimes caused by environmental factors (such as a grass allergy) but increasingly it appears to be related to the gut.

As a starting point, we recommend removing grains, additives and preservatives from your pet's diet, to eliminate possible triggers. Below are some options for products that our suppliers produce to assist with skin and gut health. Or view our collection of grain-free dry food.

If that doesn't work, then another approach is to transition your pet to a fully raw diet, using 100% unprocessed products. If you go raw, then we recommend using green tripe as a base product as this contains essential digestive enzymes which usually help the gut work better.

Switching from farmed to wild meats may also help, as your pet might react better to a 'novel protein' such as possum or venison, if he is sensitive to farmed meats like beef, lamb and chicken.

If you require advice please email or phone me on 027 292 8252. We are happy to collaborate with you. By arrangement, we can do 'no-cost' returns and exchanges, while you are experimenting with products to find out what works best for your pet.