Collection: BlackHawk

Why choose Black Hawk? You won’t find wheat or corn in any of our recipes. Instead, our Black Hawk Original range uses wholesome, highly digestible oats and rice as carbohydrate sources to deliver energy, fibre and other beneficial nutrients.

  • Black Hawk kibble is made at a new state of the art facility in Parkes, New South Wales, using fresh local ingredients, ensuring nutritional excellence and superior quality.
  • Our kibble is gently roasted at a lower and more even temperature, which creates higher palatability. Put simply, our kibble is even tastier.
  • We undertake regular audits not only of our ingredient suppliers, but of the factories which make our foods, to ensure compliance to our product specifications.
  • These sites adhere to good manufacturing practices, dictated by organisations such as the PFIAA (Pet Food Industry Association of Australia), and the NZPFMA (New Zealand Pet Food Manufacturer’s Association). These organisations uphold and advocate for the highest standards of pet food production and PFIAA sets an Australian Standard (AS5812), acting as the ‘public face’ of the pet food industry.

Looking for a particular item? We stock a selection of this range, but we can get others from the supplier. If there is a particular variety that we don't have that you want, please tell us and we will stock it for you. Email