Collection: Purely Pets

We exist to create a world where every pet, every day eats fresher and lives better. 

Our mission drives everything we do – from our nutritional philosophy and healthy delicious dog and cat recipes, to how we source real, fresh ingredients from local famers in Australia and New Zealand, to our kitchens and cooking facilities, our people and their programs, sustainability, sponsorships and more...

RPF (Purely Pets) is the pioneer in fresher pet nutrition. For 30 years we have championed a better way of caring for the health and wellbeing of our pets. Today, we have new cooking techniques that allow us to make food that is fresher, less processed, and even unprocessed and raw. And as the science emerges in fresher nutrition, it is beginning to show what we all instinctively know, a fresher diet is better for our loved dogs and cats.

It’s why we want everyone to join us on our journey to fresher nutrition.

Looking for a particular item? We stock a selection of this range, but we can get others from the supplier. If there is a particular variety that we don't have that you want, please tell us and we will stock it for you. Email