Collection: Raw Food

RAW FOOD GUARANTEED FROZEN ON ARRIVAL. We transport by our own freezer truck so it is fully frozen on arrival at your home. The food will be left at your gate or front door inside a freezer bag. We txt you after drop-off so you know it has arrived.

FREE HOME DELIVERY of raw frozen goods within Bob's local delivery zone from One Tree Point/Ruakaka to Algies Bay/Warkworth. (We don't deliver frozen outside our delivery zone, however we can deliver any other petfood nationwide via courier.)

  • Matakana (Mince)
  • Mighty Mix (Rolls)
  • Nosloc (Mince)
  • Out of the Wild (Mince, Chunks, Bones)
  • Pet Deli (Mince, Chunks, Bones, Diced)
  • Purely Pets (Patties, Medallions, Bones)