Collection: Animals Like Us

Animals Like Us was born, and is made, in New Zealand. We source nutritious grass-fed meat, organs and seafood from our local sustainably & ethically managed grass field farms, oceans and lakes. Your pal is designed by nature to need natural raw protein for energy and strength. But serving up raw doesn’t have to be messy and time consuming, because we’ve made it easy.

Animals Like Us is high protein meat and vegetable baked biscuits, supercharged with chunks of premium, freeze-dried raw meat and organs. Your pet will love the added raw taste and raw digestibility. After all, it is what they are meant to eat.

Freeze-drying effectively locks in nutrition, with over 98% of the raw nutritional value retained. The process also removes the heavy moisture in the meat, meaning the final product only weighs 20% of its original state! This means your pal needs a little less Animals Like Us than regular food. You can calculate this using our feeding calculator.

Looking for a particular item? We stock a selection of this range, but we can get others from the supplier. If there is a particular variety that we don't have that you want, please tell us and we will stock it for you. Email