Collection: NRM

For more than 100 years NRM has been helping Kiwis feed rural New Zealand farms, big and small, by offering a range of feeds perfectly suited to our lifestyle blocks.

Our feeds are nutritionally balanced to help ensure the health and wellbeing of a wide variety of animals. Different animals have different nutritional requirements depending on their species and their age/physiological state and our nutritionists have crafted each of our lifestyle products with this in mind to create a comprehensive range of feeds for your lifestyle block. Whether you’re supporting egg shell quality and golden yolks in your backyard chicken flock, rearing chicks, filling a feed deficit for your cattle during the summer, or simply supplementing sheep with a feed to more easily move them from one paddock to the next – we have the right solution for you and your animals.

With a range of high quality, animal specific feeds for your chickens, pigs, sheep, rabbits (and more), NRM has the right feed to help nourish your lifestyle farm, as well as the expertise to help you along the way. We are passionate about optimising the health and wellbeing of your animals.