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FURminator: Dog Long Hair Deshedding Tool

FURminator: Dog Long Hair Deshedding Tool

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A great grooming tool to help keep shedding under control. Shedding is natural and there is no way to eliminate it, but by grooming your dog, cat, small animal or horse weekly with the FURminator you can reduce the amount of fur/hair on the floor, furniture, cloths and car seat etc. 

Not all animals were created equal which makes FURminator the best choice when it comes to deShedding solutions.

Simply select the short hair or long hair edge tool matched to your dog/cat body size for a truly customized grooming experience.

Key Benefits:

  • The FURminator deShedding tool reduces loose hair from shedding up to 90% with regular use
  • Removes the loose hair from shedding
  • Curved edge for comfortable, effective loose undercoat hair removal
  • Reaches through topcoat to remove loose undercoat hair
  • Ergonomic handle for comfort and ease of use
  • Curved edge – comfortably follows pet's natural shape
  • FURejector® button to quickly and easily release collected hair
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