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Animals Like Us

Animals Like Us: CAT Super Blend 50 Beef

Animals Like Us: CAT Super Blend 50 Beef

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A tasty blend of 50% freeze-dried raw New Zealand grass-fed beef meat and organs, combined with 50% high protein oven baked beef and vege bites coated with probiotics. A safe and easy way to add the natural goodness of raw meat and organs.

  • Tastes better – highly palatable recipe
  • Highly nutritious – real meat with added vitamins and minerals
  • Healthy skin & shiny coats – Rich in Omega 3 & 6
  • Reduces hairballs – Natural fibre helps reduce hairballs

Top 3 Ingredients

  1. Grass-Fed Beef Organs
  2. Grass-Fed Beef
  3. Grass-Fed Beef & Lamb Meal


  • 34% Crude Protein
  • 19% Crude Fat
  • 5% Crude Fibre

50% Raw Nutrient-rich grass-fed beef meat and organs Raw freeze-dried + 50% Bites High protein meat & vegetable bites coated with probiotics Oven-baked

Sizes - 500g | 1.8kg

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