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Earthz Pet

EarthzPet: Dog Vitality Gravy Beef (5pk)

EarthzPet: Dog Vitality Gravy Beef (5pk)

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Why Vitality Gravy?

Most dry foods are complete and balanced but over time become boring to the pet. Most treat-based products are palatable but offer no additional “Better For Them” nutritional opportunity. Our challenge was to come up with a product that delivers additional “Better For Them” ingredients, but also enhances pet enjoyment.

Nutraceuticals in our gravy products are designed to give your pet the natural health benefits they need daily for a long, healthy life

What is Earthz Pet Vitality Gravy?

It is a pet gravy that delivers the benefits of New Zealand’s best nutraceuticals in a great tasting gravy format. The recipe was developed in conjunction with Massey University’s Companion Animal Department.

This vitality gravy offers your pet a daily dose of nutraceuticals, enhancing your pooches: skin, coat, immunity, and promotes digestive and joint health. 

All ingredients are 100% natural and locally sourced in New Zealand, offering a fabulously nutritional daily feast enhancer for your fur friend.

  • NZ Hoki Fish Oil gives your pet a healthy skin and coat.
  • NZ Manuka Honey gives an excellent ability to support immune health.
  • New Zealand green lipped mussels for joint health
  • New Zealand Kiwifruit extract for digestive health

This gravy is perfect for fussy eaters that struggle with their daily intake of vitality supplements. It’s packed with essential nutrients that help promote a healthier skin and coat, improve digestive and joint health and strengthen your pet’s immunity.

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